Project Configuration


The main Ruckstack configuration file is an ini formatted text file that configures your overall project.

The configuration file must consist of a [ruckstack-project] section that defines the overall project configuration, plus 1 or more [service-<id>] sections that define the services that make up your server.

Keys are all lower case, with multiple words separated by _’s.

Project Section

The project section begins with a [ruckstack-project] header.


id: bikeshop 
name: Bike Shop 
version: 3.1.14 

Required Fields

id Identifier key for your application. Used as the default for filenames, and internal descriptors. Must be lower case alphanumeric (also allows “_” and “-“)
name Complete name of your application. Used in help documentation and output messages. Should be correctly capitalized and spaced
version Overall version of your application

Optional Fields

k3s_version Version of k3s to include. Defaults to best supported version.
server_binary_name What to name the “system-control” binary on the installed system. Defaults to the “id” value above.

Service Sections

Each service you want to package must have a corresponding service section.

Service sections are named [service-<ID>] where each service has a unique id associated with it. Like projects, service ids must be lower case alphanumeric (also allows “_” and “-“).

There are three different ways services can be defined:

  1. “Dockerfile” Services
  2. “Helm” Services
  3. “Manifest” Services

Each will have similar but different fields to define

Complete Example

id: bikeshop 
name: Bike Shop 
version: 3.1.14 

type: dockerfile
base_dir: cart
port: 8080
base_url: /cart